Electric Cars

Test Drive Electric Cars.

Electric Cars Are Exciting, Fun, Safe and Efficient.

For the BEST EV Test Drive, Call an Electrifime EV Pro!
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  • 10000, Cliff Drive, Edgewater, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 44102, United States
  • 303 mile range
  • Full Charge 18-25 minutes!
  • DC Fast Charger
  • Dan Russell
  • Traveling up to an EPA-estimated 303 miles / charge!


Test Drive Electric Cars.

Electric Cars Are Exciting, Fun, Safe and Efficient.  For the best electric car test drive, call and electrifime EV Pro.

There’s never been a better time to test drive an electric car.  Electrifime EV Pros are educated in EV technology and carry a variety of models that offer superior performance, convenience and financial savings over conventional vehicles.

Lower-cost, longer-range batteries and friendlier plug-in models are bringing electric vehicles into the mainstream. Electrifime is committed to aggressively growing the electric vehicle market and working with dealers and service technicians to create the nation’s best environment to buy and service EVs.

Electric Cars Are Exciting, Fun, Safe and Efficient. 

Exciting and fun.  No transmission means no shifting and fast acceleration. EVs out-accelerate comparable gas engine vehicles.

Safe and Efficient.  Electric vehicles go thru the same rigorous testing and safety procedures as any other gas powered vehicle.  Additional safety testing goes into the battery and electrical system.  

Minimal Maintenance.  Electric cars have 1/100 of the moving parts that conventional cars have, requiring much lower maintenance and more time on the road and less time in the shop.

Significant tax incentives.  People who buy new electric vehicles may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $7,500, and used electric car buyers may qualify for up to $4,000. New in 2024, consumers can also opt to transfer the credit to an eligible dealer instead for an immediate discount on the vehicle at the point of sale.  Check out the rules to see if you and the vehicle you are considering qualify for the tax incentives. Plug In America

No More Gas!  

All make the cost of owning an electric vehicle a better choice. Test Drive An Electric Car Today!