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EV Electric Vehicle Professionals

There’s never been a better time to test ride an electric car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle.  Electrifime EV Pros are educated in EV technology and carry a variety of EV models that offer superior performance, convenience.

Lower-cost, longer-range batteries and friendlier plug-in models are bringing electric vehicles into the mainstream. We committed to aggressively growing the electric vehicle market and working with dealers and service technicians to create the nation’s best environment to buy and service EVs.

Our Electrifime EV Pros Know electric cars, electric trucks, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and EV charging stations therefore why would you learn from anyone of lesser knowledge.  In other words, better go with an Electrifime EV Pro!

EVs require less maintenance than their gas competitors and therefore last quite a bit longer.  If you are going to live with this new vehicle for a long time, would it not make sense to learn all you can from an EV Pro?   YES!    Of course it would.  The Electrifime EV Pros know and can help you learn everything about your new EV.

After you get your new EV home, you will want to call an Electrifime EV Charging Station Pro to safely install it in your home of business.

To Conclude:  More and more people are finding out what torque is all about, and liking it!

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